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    Suppressing Column Totals on Pivot Table

    Thomas Mumaw

      Hi All, I think I already know the answer but I thought I would ask. I am using a pivot table to show by customer, sales order and service the total dollar value,

      number ordered.  I want to show the total dollar value, but not the total number ordered because it makes no since.  Is there a way to suppress the total for number ordered and still have a total dollar value of the sales order?  From reading the different posts I think I'm out of luck.


        • Suppressing Column Totals on Pivot Table
          Gordon Savage

          I assume you are talking about the totals that show when using 'partial sums'?


          How about rather than using the expression:

          sum([number ordered])

          you use instead:

          if (rowno() <> 0, sum([number ordered])

          where in this context rowno() returns the row number in the current column segment and so is 0 when its a total line.


          If you have partial sums at the lowest dimension level (ie you have a 'grand total' line) and you want to suppress that too use instead:

          if (rowno() <> 0 and rowno(TOTAL) <> 0, sum([number ordered])