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    Mounted folder with multiple *.qvw having same filename



      I have one *.qvw that I want to deploy several times for different subsidiaries.


      On the server, I made the storage as follows:







      On the QEMC, I have mounted a folder for my application, such as:

      Name: ApplicationName

      Path: E:\ApplicationName

      Screen: QEMC > System > Qlikview Servers > Folders > Mounted Folders


      When I move to tab Documents, to change the properties of my *.qvw document, the refresh of the right panel is missing in the QEMC while you switch between the *.qvw from the .\Subsidiary1 and .\Subsidiary2; and if you do not force the refresh of the page (F5), it will end up with unexpected behavior.


      If same qvw file is referenced in a different mounted folder, such behavior does not appear. I will notify this bug within QV Customer Portail. Just wanted to share with the community.