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    Problem with Export to Excel 2007

    Rayna Curtis

      Hi all,


      I build multiple .qvw files for multiple clients.  I have one single client who can load and work with the views perfectly, but when she tries to export to Excel (tables/charts etc) Excel opens and then nothing.  No sheet opens....no data loads...just the grey of the Excel program.


      She is using the latest version of Qlikview Desktop 10, and Excel 2007.  And she is running Windows XP.


      This happens with every chart in every one of her 10 or so .qvw files and not one of my other clients has ever reported this as an issue, which indicates it is not a Qlikview issue, per se.


      Does anyone know if there is a solution for this?  Some sort of setting in Excel that's impeding her?  Qlikview Support asked me to take it back to my client's IT team, but I just wondered if this has been seen before.


      Thanks in advance!