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    Clustering and "common disk space"

      The QVServer 10.0 ref manual says

      In order to utilize load sharing between multiple QlikView Servers, all document and support files must be shared between the servers. In other words, all servers should point to the same physical location for the files.

      and the drawing near this quote implies that there is a "single common disk space".


      Does this mean that I cannot have multiple mounted drives that are contain the files?


      Or can I have the files spread across multiple drives but I just need to make sure that all the servers in the cluster have the same set of mounted drives?

        • Clustering and "common disk space"
          Daniel Rozental

          Daniel, settings in servers in a cluster are shared, so you don't need to make sure the settings are the same.


          What the quote implies is that you shouldn't use a local drive, like the default one c:\programdata\qliktech\qlikviewserver and use instead a unc path, like \\someserver\somefolder.


          If you're looking to have high availability then that folder shouldnt not be in either server in the cluster but in another one.