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    Partial sums in a Pivot chart are wrong based on IF statement

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,


      I need your Help. I have the below expressions all based on complex Setanalysis in a pivot table




      Now the thing is that I get the values like 148% which I have to limit to 100%


      I tried with a if Statement as follows:


      Performance = If ( setAnalysisExp >1,1, setAnalysisExp)

      and the same way


      Availability * Performance * Quality = if If ( setAnalysisExp >1,1, setAnalysisExp)

      I get the table like this





      But the Partial sums of Performance = 100% is wrong as it must be

      Average of (81+100+93)  = 91 but not 100 as It shows here.

      Any Idea how to solve this?