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    Line Chart question

    Teppo Ojala



      Hope somebody has a tip for me in this case.


      I have a simple line graph chart in qvw-document. It is about sales per salesperson per month. As you can see from data we don't have sales line in datamodel (table1) for "Salesperson 1" in May. This means that he has sold 0 in that month even though we don't have any line's in datamodel where we can calculate this 0 as a sum.


      In linechart the line just goes from april to june and it seems that this salesperson has sold something in may too - even though there are not dot as a symbol for him in that month. But anyway, this may cause some misunderstandings.


      So, is there a possibility to draw this graph so that line would go to 0 for salesperson 1 in May? In the attached qvw I have solved this by adding a 0 line to datamodel. In my real case this is not possible, too many dimensions and then of course our green-gray-white codes in selection lists would not work.


      This is definitely not the real case. I just attached a very simple example here to simulate my problem.


      If any questions, please ask.