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    Calculating Cross-Dimensional Percentage Changes

      Hi guys,


      I'm working on a stacked chart displaying yearly revenue data.


      So each bar represents the total revenue for a given year and is stacked/built from the revenues of composite businesses in that year. Within the graph, I want to calculate the year-on-year percentage change in total revenues.

      I have tried using a code of the form:



      However, because the data is multidimensional, with "Year" being the larger dimension, the "above()" command doesn't work - instead it calculates the percentage difference between businesses.


      Is there a way to construct the code so that qlikview overrides (or ignores) the business dimension for the purposes of this calculation only, or should I investigate changes in the expression I am using?



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          Stefan Wühl

          Hi Qlikstarter,


          that's quite a challenge for a start


          You could maybe use



          to keep close to your approach using above function.


          I think it is working (see attached sample), but using above, the results may depend on sort order.

          And using the aggr-function around above, I think the order for above is determined by load order.


          Probably there are some other approaches to solve your request, I leave it to others for today.


          Hope this helps and have fun,