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    Set Analysis expression for 1 year data  in Bar graph

      Hi All,

             I need to view 1year data based on the selction i do in the month field which has data (Jan - Dec) .. Let me explain it clearly.. I have some 4years data in my application.. If I select sep 2011 in the month-Year field .. The bar graph should sow me the values from Sep 2011 to Oct 2010.. This should vary based on the selections I do on the month-Year field .. I mean I am always intresed to see only one year data in the bar graph..  I hope we could do the same by using 12 variables to save the 12 month values .but  If someone could provide me any other solution with the sample QVW file that could be more helpfull..


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          Hi there,


          as with many other things, there are more than one possible solution. My favorite is using MonYear as a dual. This is the field MonYear has a text (for representation) and an integer value (for calculation). Take a look into my load-script, there I defined the field and a Variable called vactMonYear. With those you can easily compare and calculate like I did in the straight table chart. And it is also usable in Set Analysis.