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    Stored Procedure refreshing

      Hi. I have created a dashboard which connects to our SQL Server. There are a number of stored procedures which I am using. This works fine when the document reloads - however, I am confused as to how I would refresh this information.


      As far as I know, Qlikview will load all my data when the document loads. When I filter, the data loaded is filtered.. and not refreshed from the datasource.


      I need to run stored procedures based on filters on my dashboard. My code at the moment is this



      SET paramDateFrom     = "2011-09-18";
      SET paramDateTo        = "2011-09-19";
      SQL EXECUTE [dbo].[GridLoadServices] '$(paramDateFrom)', '$(paramDateTo)', '0';


      So the above will load OK when I press reload. but I have (for example) a date component which updates the paramDateFrom variable. How do I then refresh the data source?


      Many thanks,