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    distribution and user identification

    Ali Hijazi


      I got a task on a document that reduces and distributes data

      the task is supposed to reduce document and generate a new document for every value of the field the it is reducing on

      the field is called UserEmail and contains the email addresses of the domain users


      in the distribution tab I'm selecting EmailAddress in the Check User identity and selcting the UserEmail as the field containing the recipient information

      reduction and distribution are working just fine but if I right click the distributed documents and check the Security Tab I can't find the related user

      knowing that the domain users have the email address the same as the ones in the UserEmail field


      in the log file i'm getting the following warning:

      distribution returned no recipients using "EmailAddress" using parameter "UserEmail".

      though I'm 100% sure that the emails in the UserEmail field are for domain users



      Please advise