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    How to add a Qlikview OCX to C++ MFC project

      Hi alle.


      I tried to add the ocx to a C++ project using MFC in the way the ocx reference manual describes. I can drag and drop the ocx to a dialog form and also compile it but when I want to do the step 'Press Ctrl and double click...' this message appears:


      (It says something like 'Script error on this page.')

      IE scripting error.png

      ....and the following window is nearly empty:

      IE scripting error2.png

      .. and not like written in the reference manual.

      I don't know what to enter to get it work. Can anybody help?

      Maybe somebody has a little tutorial that works better than the one in the reference manual.

      And where can I enter the license number to embedd it?


      Thanks in advance.