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    Security - Dynamic Data Reduction



      I am referring to chapter 30.8 of the QlikView Reference Manual (Version 8.5).

      I tried the example in which the available field values depend on the login and it worked.

      But I have some problems when I want to restrict several values in more than one field.


      section application;
      star is *;
      load * inline
      [DEPT,Company, Year
      IS, 10001, 2006
      IS,10002, 2007];

      The table is linked via DEPT to the table in Section Access. When I Iog in with the user I can only see data where Company='10001' and Year='2006' or Company='10002' and Year='2007', but not for example Company='10002' and Year='2006'. One solution would be to write all possible combinations in a table, but that could get very time-consuming.

      Any other suggestions how to handle this issue?