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    Set analysis not working on dimension level.

      I have 1 dimension that returns 4 results.





      Gen Admin.



      I need to return the margin for only COGS which in turn needs the total of Sales. So I use set analysis:


      =sum({<Topincome={"Sales"}>} if(left(text(segvalue1),1)<>1 and left(text(segvalue1),1)<>2 and left(text(segvalue1),1)<>3, creditamt+debitamt))*-1


      When I insert this into the Pivot table it is not returning the correct results. It is still showing 0 for every dimension that does not equal Sales. How would I show the value of sales, but on the dimension of COGS?


      Note: This works if I set a variable with a button to sales, but we wan't this to work automaticaly without having to click on something any time the data changes.