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    Make a Chart Box divide by the monthly total.

      I currently have a code written that identifies customers on the basis of their credit rating and what month they became a client.  The chart box then regurtitates the number of customers for each of our five categories on a monthly basis.  However, now I need it do the same but take the number in each category and divide it by the total number of customers in that month.  What I like to be able to do is simply have each number divide by the expression total I  have added as the bottom row.  Any ideas?


      The code I just tried looks like this, but gives me a result of 0:


      count({1<Acct_CCDMonth = {1}, Acct_CCDYear = {$(vThisYear)}>} Acct_Pre_Screen_Black)/count(TOTAL<{1<Acct_CCDMonth = {1}, Acct_CCDYear = {$(vThisYear)}>} Acct_Pre_Screen_Black> {1<Acct_CCDMonth = {1}, Acct_CCDYear = {$(vThisYear)}>} Acct_Pre_Screen_Black)