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    help with calendar object



      I'm after some help with calendar objects. I have a two calendar objects, one for start and one for end dates. This is to create a date range for the report.


      I've set up two variables which my calendar objects are linked to. I then use these to try and filter my table box (using the calculation condition). This however doesn't work!


      I've read a few posts and people suggest creating a date island?? Or some sort of temporary calendar.

      Are these old posts which the functionality has been replaced by the calendar object?


      I am then trying to get what ever date i select in to the "current selection" box. It's just not working though! Have I missed something?


      Thanks for any help, Matt.

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          If all you are creating is a date range for the report, why not just have a listbox and select the dates that fit within your date range? Having things like year, month and week listboxes makes it easier to then have this range


          I personally have never really used calendar objects. I don't like them from an asthetic point of view. Also if you have a calendar in your script, no need for date island as everything is now linked

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              The information we're showing is for a call centre, so there are thousands of calls a day - so the date range needs to be flexible enough to show any range.. it's more than likely that the dates in our report would cover every hour of every day in the month!

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                  hmmm just typed a post and now its gone

                  Ok try again. I actually work managing multiple contact centres, with over 3 million calls a month. Personally, there is nothing more flexible for CC dashboards then having listboxes with interval time, date, week, month and year. Having a calendar in your script (there are a few good ones on this site) is pretty useful and gives you, in my opinion, the flexibility you want.


                  Without knowing the exact solution you trying to build, I would suggest just using list boxes as this gives you way more flexibility then having a date range. For instance, I want to select dates 1, 2, 5 but I only want to see calls offered between 12:00-13:00 and 16:00-17:00. Having a list box gives you this flexibility. Imagine trying to get a calendar to give you this. I've also checked another report I used and I didnt use a calendar for that one. I had a date timestamp and then used these expressions in my script to give me the granularity I wanted



                  Date(DayStart(DateTime)) as Date,
                  Weekday(Date(DayStart(DateTime))) as WeekDay,
                  Day(DateTime) as Day,
                  Time(DateTime-Date(DayStart(DateTime)),'hh:mm:ss') as IntervalTime,


                  Hope this helps Matt