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    Crossing point in a Graph

      Hi I have a  graph with two dimensions YearmMonth and CustomerSupplier, I also have an expressión with the folllowing formula:


      Sum( {<[DocumentDate]={'<=$(=Date(vFFF)) >=$(=Date(vFIF))'} , CustomerSupplier={'Customer'} >} [InvoiceRemainingAmount]) + 
      Sum( {<[DocumentDate]={'<=$(=Date(vFFF)) >=$(=Date(vFIF))'} , CustomerSupplier={'Supplier'} >} [InvoiceRemainingAmount]) *-1


      The graph displays like this:


      What I would like to know is the first date where the Customer Amount is larger than the Supplier's. I doný know if this is possible. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance for you help and feedback.