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    Set Analysis help

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i need to write an expression using Set Analysis to give me the result of the following..


      Wastage on CHILLED dept as a % of CHILLED sales.


      my fields are :


      [Stock Movement Reason Code] - (Waste codes are 3 and 5)

      [Dept] - (N is CHILLED)

      [StockValue) - (Waste Value)

      [SalesValue] - (Sales Value)


      I have tried the following but i can't get the correct result...


      sum  ( {<[Stock Movement Reason Code] ={3, 5}, Dept={'N'}>} StockValue)/Sum({$<Dept={'N'}>}SalesValue)


      Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my expression please?

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          Hi Chris,

          there's nothing syntactically wrong with your expression.. though you would have to apply the same set analysis expression to both StockValue and SalesValue fields.


          Try the following expression


          sum({<[Stock Movement Reason Code] ={3, 5}, Dept={'N'}>} StockValue)/Sum({$<[Stock Movement Reason Code] ={3, 5},Dept={'N'}>}SalesValue)


          See if this helps.




            • Set Analysis help
              Chris Hopkins

              Hi, i have got it working, i can't use the same set analysis for the 2nd part as i need to divide it by ALL CHILLED sales regardless of any wastage or not.

              Anyway i have it working now (my posted expression worked, the problem was i had a field selected which shouldnt have been)

              I am affraid that the end user would get incorrect figures if they make the same mistake as i did.So how would i use the same expression but exclude the selections made on [Stock Movement Reason Code] on the 2nd part of the expression?