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    List Box selection combined with static conditions



      I am creating a dashboard with 6 charts. 5 of the charts require past 13 months data and one business selection.

      Only 1 of the charts require current year data and the same business selection.


      How can I create a combination of list box(for the business selection) combined with a selection of the current year for the one chart? At the same time, the other 5 charts should show the same business selection with past 13 months data?



        • List Box selection combined with static conditions
          Liron Baram

          lets assume you have two list boxes

          one with bussines selection

          and one with year

          another assumption  is that in the calnder you have monthyear filed with the monthstart value to each date

          so you can use set analysis

          now the user select a year

          so in the five graphs use this set analysis in the expression

          {<year=,MonthYear={">=$(=addmonths(Max(MonthYear),-12)) <=$(=max(MonthYear))"}>}

          that should do the trick