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    Setting a status based on rows within a dimension

      I’m trying to figure something out that seems complicated toexplain, but I’ll give it a try. My goal is to look at a table with multipledimensions and assign “Green” and “Red” statuses at the various dimensionlevels.


      Each row has a Value, and let’s say that if the number ispositive it’s Green and if it is not it is Red.


      Each row has three dimensions, D1 being the highest rollupdimension, D2 the next down, and D3 being the lowest rollup dimension.


      Each Dimension is scored as follows:


      D3 (lowest) is green if the number of green rows is greaterthan the number of red rows.


      D2 (middle) is green if the number of D3 green rows isgreater than the number of D3 red rows.


      D1 (top) is green if the number of D2 green rows is greaterthan the number of D3 red rows.


      So, what I’m looking for is some sort of function that tellsme the number of D3 rows in each D2, each D2 in each D1, etc.


      The actual "green" and "red" aren't as important (that is, I can display these statuses in multiple ways if I wish), but I don't know how to set up a set of drill-down charts that will show me the needed Green and Red status at the various levels.


      If there is a way to implement this solely through existing QV functions, that would be best, but naturally if it is primarily a scripting solution, that would be OK too.


      Thanks everyone for your help!