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    How to implement incremental upload in the following file ?

    Swarup Malli

      Hi All,



        I was trying to implement incremental load, I'm not sure how to implelement when the coloumn names in the table of qvw file  is different(bcos they have been renamed) from the new file that has new records.


        I did try various solutions , but some how success eludes me,I have been banging my head since 3days trying to figure it out.I was hoping if some could help me , By implementing incremental load for the attached file.



      I  took a look into the excellent incremental load example within the QV cookbook, available from Rob Wunderlichs site: http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/  ( Being new to Qlikview  I found it a little complex to understand)




      I have attached a sample qvw, with a table box(name of the table box is Target), the columns have been renamed in the qvw file, Now i want to do incremental load by providing another file with new data (I'm attaching a sample excel file,file name is sample2.qvd which i want to integrate with the qvw). In such a way that whenever i provide a file with new recordss qv must integrate them successfully.




      I would really appreciate it if someone implements the solution in the file i have attached.


      Can somebody attach an example, with a new source file containing new records ?





        • Re: How to implement incremental upload in the following file ?

          Hi Swarup,


          I wasnt able to simulate with sample2.qvd but with excel sheet it worked. Try as below:



          Load * from sample1.qvd(qvd);


          Load A  as FAN,

          B  as FANNAME,

          C  as BAN,

          D  as BANNAME,

          E  as PHONENO,

          F  as BILLDT,

          G  as PK_KEY,

          H  as DATE_1,

          I  as Time,

          J  as NUMBER_DEST,

          K  as CALLEDCITY_DEST,

          L  as MTSUSED,

          M  as RATEPD,

          N  as Feature,

          O  as ATCHRG,

          P  as ADDCHRG,

          Q  as INTTAX,

          R  as ROAM,

          S  as Total,

          T  as M2MMTS,

          U  as VMMTS,

          V  as CWMTS

          FROM  NewExcelDocument.xlsx

          (ooxml, explicit labels, header is 3 lines, table is Sheet1);


          Store ATT_MONTHLY_VOICE into sample1.qvd;


          PS: The excel load should be explicit and give the header size so that you will start from data rows.