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    Access to QEMC as Document Admin for DMS user



      We have an issue where we have had to set up a number of custom users (using DMS) that do not have AD accounts in the domain/LDAP that the QlikView environment can communicate with.


      Setting them up in DMS has worked fine in terms of viewing loaded documents - even using distribute permissions to restrict access to members of custom DMS groups is working fine.


      The problem is I now have a requirement to add certain DMS users as document admins, so they can reload docs.


      I have added them to the relevant area within the QEMC


      System>Setup>QDS ... and then added my custom dms user to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\SourceDocuments


      I understand that's what I would normally do to grant Doc Admin rights...


      Can anyone tell me how i can get a "non-AD" user set up as Document Admin?