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    Date period on log analysis

    Jakob Libak Rasmussen

      My organisation would like to be able to monitor the development of status for records in our system. In our case we are talking about purchase orders that can have different statuses assigned throughout it's lifetime. But it could be anything like


      Below and attached I have tried to display a simplified version of the table that we'll be using for the analysis (using DD-MM-YYYY):



      In above example OrderID 10001 had status B on 04-08-2011. I would like to end up with a QlikView file where I can select Aug 4 and this OrderID and the status type B will be type of the selection.


      Right now, I'm pretty clueless on how to set up the Calendar script on such a file. Anyone who can guide me in the right direction?


      Jakob Libak Rasmussen