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    Does clustering Directory Service Connector needs recycle of Qlikview Services?

    Vinoth Kumar

      We are having clustered production environment in which Qlikview Server and Distribution Service is clustered. Due to some suggestions from Qliktech we are planning to cluster Qlikview Directory Service Connector. Now my question is


      1) After clustering do we have to restart the qlikview services? If yes, then what are the qlikview service that needs to be recycled


      2) Before clustering in the QEMC each qlikview web server points to the corresponding Qlikview Directory Service connector. For example: Qlikview Web server 1 points to Qlikview Directory Service Connector 1 in QEMC--> System--> Setup--> Qlikview Web Servers--> Qlikview Webserver1--> General tab--> Directory Service Connector option


      After clustering of Directory Service Connector, What does the Qlikview Web server needs to configured.




      Vinoth Kumar J