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    [ASK] how to use document CAL properly?

      hello qlikview world..


      i still don't have a clear explanation about named cal n document cal


      i know to add more user to named cal

      QMC -> Licenses -> CAL -> add new user then assign CAL


      and also i know how to add document CAL to qlikview document in qlikview server

      QMC -> user documents -> document CAL -> tipe number of doc cal wanna use -> add user then assign CAL


      and also i need to do the step like add more user in CAL to make document able to open eventho i already add doc cal


      n my question,,how to use doc cal properly?


      many thx

        • [ASK] how to use document CAL properly?
          Sunil Chauhan

          one person can used one document cal or document cal is assign to one person at time.


          but named cal you can suffle after use of first user.



          if u want someone touse  independently then document cal is better option


          for ex: your Ceo want to access data uninteruptable.


          then document cal is better.


          but u can assign named cal on basis of time period or used by first user

          • Re: [ASK] how to use document CAL properly?

            Dear All,


            I hope this makes things clearer? 


            QlikView checks for licenses in the following order:
            Named Cal
            Document Cal
            Session Cal
            Usage Cal


            You may have a mixture of the above licenses or only some of them, depending upon which QlikView product you are using and which version you are using.


            Named Cal (assigned to a specific user ) can open and work on QlikView applications (documents) on and offline and open as many documents as they wish (security allowing) -  the license can be psychically installed on a specific machine (developers machine maybe) , or leased (not allowed in test environment) for 30 days after which, the users needs to access QlikView on the server to renew their license. 


            Doc Cal allows 1 user to open one application or one document (online only), they can be in the document for as long as they wish, but once they close the document, the document license is gone (its goes back into a pool of Documents Cal ).  If you open a different application,  you use another document cal.


            Session Cal are similar but not identical to Named Cal (these are for rolling access to many QlikView applications (they work like a named CAL except, they are not attached to a specific user) I have only seen these used on-line.  If you need to support 10 concurrent users  accessing 5 QlikView applications, however,  the 10 concurrent users change all the time,  you could use 10 session Cal to support these users.


            Usage Cal are your anyone else who occasionally needs to access a specific document maybe a month end or year end. You could use these CAL to catch anyone, who doesn't have any of the above licenses to provide access to QlikView.


            Named and Doc Cal can be granted/allocated to specific users through the QMC. Alternatively, you can setup dynamically allocated Cal (Named or Document) , as a user logs in the receive a license automatically (not in TEST environment) .  Some customer like to grant access to Named Cal to specific users (developers, super users document chained application users etc), then provide document Cal to the users automatically from the pool.


            I hope this helps ?


            Thanks Steve