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    Check on non-existing fields in expressions, charts, ...

      Is there a way to check the validity of a set analysis instruction on the correctness of fields ?

      Suppose I have a field called salesrep_region in my QV application.

      If you remove the field from your QV reload, you will quickly see that something is missing.

      However, when the field is used in a set analysis expression, the results will still be calculated, omitting the set instruction on salesrep_region.


      The document analyzer tells you which fields are used in which charts, expressions, ... but is there also a way to find out fields that have been defined in your charts, expressions, ... but don't exist in your file ? The reason for removing fields from your QV app is saving on memory, so it would be nice if there was a way to quickly find out whether used fields have not been removed. Suppose you rename a field in the scripting session. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly see that this expression and that chart contain a field that does not exist anymore ? Sure you can always check in advance, but you can always make a mistake during clean-up so better check twice (before+after) if possible.


      Checking this manually is not really an option I guess.