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    Analyze data that have network structure

    Yousef Amarneh

      Hi All,


      I have 2 tables, the first one contains 3 columns (for example): (FromCompany (FK),ToCompany(FK),LineLength)  and the second one contains (CompanyID (PK) ,details ...).


      1. what is the best way to make the relation between these tables knowing that FromCompany and ToCompany are related with CompanyID.


      2. Lets consider that CompanyID contains 1,2,3,4 as data rows and FromCompany contains 1,2,3 and ToCompany contains 2,3,4 as the follwoingEx.jpg


      now I need to do some analysis for this example such as what is the line length between comp 1 and comp 4 (the answer is 75), which compay is provided by comp 3 (the answer is comp 4) and so on, can I do such analysis on QlikView and how?? what's the best way to build the schema and the relations??


      I need your help guys ASAP .



      Yousef Amarneh