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    Qlick View Multi Hop Authentication problem

      when try to login to aspx page to view the Qlick view reports it is asking  for user name nad password at two levels


      • Form level
      • and browser security login prompt asking for windows credentials


      The authentication done at form level is expected one . but is there any reason  why this second authentication prompt  pops up. Is there any possible way to disable it?


      one of the article it has been mentioned that this might be due to multi hop Authentication problem.and to resolve this it suggets to use Kerberos authentication instead of NTLM

      i was trying to configure Kerberos for Authentication mode, but noticed in MSDN that Kerberos requires the connection to  Active directory, so it will not be possible to use the application outside the network.


      our requrement demads to use this app out side the network .


      is ther any solution available for thsi? . Please  let me know. Good and valuable suggetion will be highly  appereciated