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    Dollar-sign expansion for expressions?

      I'm trying to understand how the Dollar-sign expansion works. It doesn't behave like I expect from reading the Help in Qlikview.


      For testing I create a Text object on a sheet, and test out a number of variants of dollar-sign expansion expressions in the foreground text.



      =$(=1 + 2)     output is '3'

      =$(=1 & 2)     output is '12'

      =$(='1' & '2')   output is '12'

      =$(='A' & '2')   output is -     <-- Why doesn't this work


      The problem I'm looking to solve would require a Dollar-sign expansion where the result is a text, not a  number, but from the third expression above you can see that it fails as soon as the result can't be expressed as a number.


      Why? Is there something I'm missing?