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    general questions about server and publisher

      Hi all,


      I'm new to qlikview and am not so able to understand how server and publisher work. The docs just explain how to install and integrate, but I have the following questions, hope you may answer me:

      • QlikView Server is similar to repository only for the script (qlik Document)? Source data (such as csv, database, etc) is not stored into server, but server just executes queries and load from it, as defined by the script; correct?
      • what's the aim of qlikView Publisher?? Where can I find any doc about it?


      I have used qlikView Client (exe) to create some reports from xls source data; now I need to user the architecture client-server of this product.


      Thank you.

        • general questions about server and publisher
          Brent Nichol

          The QlikView documents are not just the script, but also the optimized cloud of data and the presentation layer.  The entire document is loaded into memory by the server and then clients interface with this optimized version of the data.


          Publisher is used to schedule reloads of data and distribute the documents to the server or directly to clients in the form of reduced QlikView documents or other formats like pdf.


          The publisher license is not required to schedule basic reloads, but is needed to perform more complicated file handling and distribution.


          Here's a link to the QlikView Server Reference Manual http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1791.

          You can also get documentation for anything QlikView from the download server http://global.qlik.com/download/


          Good luck,


            • general questions about server and publisher

              I've seen local QlikView documents don't relaod any data from the source, it means douments store data, presentation layer and script, as you explained.


              I can store many of the QlikView documents, share them with clients, and  users (checking permissions first) can manage data source of the document, editing the presentation layer and the script, is it correct?

              I read server is like a repository, so users know who edited what.


              I will read the docs you linked, but I have the last question: may I use webservice as data source? the script uses the uri and the method to load data (a stream xml, or csv, etc).


              Thank you very much.