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    Ranked table averages in comparison



      I have countries and sales amounts (per sales representative) and showing a table for top 25 salesman in each specific country and then take averages of it. I am using straight table.




           Salesrep Name



           =IF(AGGR(RANK (Total(sum(sales))),[Salesrep Name])<=25,sum(sales ))


      I also displayed the averages at the last row at above mentioned straight table.


      Now, I would like to use this (only top 25 salesmen's) average and compare it with individual salesman performance using line charts.


      What would be the best way you recommend? When I wanted to use the above expression in the chart; it is trying to bring in whole chunk of records. I want it (averages only) to be represented with 1 single line which will be used to compare individual sales person's performance.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,