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    Ajax "Session Lost" issue

      Hi all,


      I keep on getting a "Session Lost" Error when requesting a QV-document via Ajax using a Ticket for a user who has a large amount of data assigned to him.

      After I request the same document 3 or 4 times sequentially, I finally get the document itself.


      Using a ticket for another user - one with a significantly smaller amount of data assigned - no such error occurs.


      I tried checking the various timeout values, but 1) none seems relevant and 2) they're all way above the interval between my web request and the appearance of the error message (last time it took ~70 seconds, but I think there have been intervals as short as ~30 seconds), so they can't be firing.


      Maybe this also goes back to our setup : The AJAX client is a generated client and resides on another machine, hosted in IIS. Maybe there's a timeout set in the IIS?


      Does anybody have a clue?

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          Sunil Chauhan

          add your website into trusted site

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            Would like to know if you actually solved your issue. We have recently migrated to 11.2 SR3 and are facing similar issue. We have also installed ssl certificate (moved from http to https). The http site was in the list of trusted sites but the new https site is not a trusted site yet (have raised a ticket to get it added to our enterprise list of trusted sites).

            Thanks and Regards,

            Afzal Ahad

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              Hi All,


              Did anyone resolve this issue?  We have a large amount of data in a Qview deployment that is giving us the session lost with selections that deal with large amounts of the data.  Here's what we know:


              - AWS EC2 deployment - biggest possible resource wise

              - Memory is nowhere near maxing out

              - CPU cores are all being utilised - on suggestion from Qliktech we took 2 CPU cores away from QVS just to ensure the OS and IIS could do their required tasks - those cores are not overly utilised during the process of getting the selection

              - IIS settings have been checked by our Qlikview distributer (partner) and all appear to be fine

              - Timeout settings in the QVS are all extended to long periods

              - The timeout happens within about 1 minute while the QVS is calculating the selections.


              We are at a critical point to get this resolved - we have implemented and tested everything that our provider and Qliktech have suggested so far with no success.





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                Felim Shanaghy

                Are you running section access? is the server at capacity? do you have bandwidth restrictions?

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                    Hi Felim,


                    No section access.

                    Server is nowhere near capacity in terms of CPU load (so far as I can tell) and Memory (Definitely not).


                    There are no bandwidth restrictions on this instance from the perspective of the AWS instance - are there restrictions I need to check in the Qlikview side or Windows?  (Win Server 2008 R2 Datacentre).





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                    Ronnie Taborn

                    Do a fiddler trace and see where the connection is being lost.

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                      Bill Britt



                      Once the document is open does it work OK? If so you might try Preloading the document.



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                        Do you have a cluster setup, or only one webserver?


                        Are there any messages recorded in the logs?