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    user authentication by different directory service


             I have users available in a different directory service i.e in Open LDAP. I have created a custom login page where the user gets authenticated from this directory service. I have switched to DMS authentication mode in the qlikview server and have added manually 2 recipients in the document authorization section.

      So far so good. Now I open the qlikview application url and click on login link, it redirects to my custom login page. Here I authenticate the user with my directory and then redirect to the accesspoint.aspx page with the given parameters ( these are the parameters when I authenticate the user using windows AD).

      I am passing following parameters while redirecting. I know for sure that username is not getting passed so I get error message saying login failed.




      Wanted to know if I am missing something here. I tried passing 'username' in the above url but it fails to open the doc.


      FYI Web server authentication type is Ntlm. ( The application otherwise works very well with windows AD authentication.)