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      Hi to all,

      in different threads of the community I've read about the use of Wscript.sleep VBS function.


      I'm actually using QlikView 9.0 SR3 with a Licensed Edition, and when I try to use the function in the macro editor I get the following error:

      Object Wscript required


      Have I to declare something to use this function?
      I read somewhere that Wscript doesn't need to be bound to any object to be used.


      Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance, regards,


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          stefano santini

          hi Mario,

          try to use ApiGuide.qvw


          this is taken form there:


          rem ** let QV sleep for 10 seconds **

          ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Sleep 10000



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              Hi Stefano,

              thanks for your suggestion.

              Actually I used your ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Sleep 10000 but it has the effect to freeze the whole application for 10 seconds.

              I'd like to try Wscript.shell to see if it has a different behaviour respect to the previous instruction.


              And anyway I'd like to know also why I can't use this function that seems to work easily for other users!

              Thanks again, best regards.