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    creating new column based on two others


      I have one problem that I am tackling now and no solution serves it right, although probably it is very simple. Maybe you can help?


      From two different sources I have two fields [Vendor name] and [Trading partner name] that are already mapped into one table.

      Data looks now like this:

      doc.           Vendor name          Trading partner name

      1                     a                                   

      2                     b

      3                     c

      4                                                           d

      5                                                           e


      I would like to get data like this:

      doc.           Vendor name          Trading partner name      Vendor_final

      1                     a                                                                  a

      2                     b                                                                  b

      3                     c                                                                  c

      4                                                           d                            d

      5                                                           e                            e



      The following solutions do not work for sure:

      if([Trading partner name]='',[Vendor name], [Trading partner name]) as Vendor_final,









      if([Trading partner name]<>'' and [Vendor name] ='',[Trading partner name], if([Trading partner name]='' and [Vendor name] <>'',[Vendor name],'vendor not found'))
      as Vendor_final



      I will be grateful for any tip.