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    Videos, Tickers, and Continuous Loops be executed within a QlikView document?


      The concept of playing a pre-recorded video, and ticker news (as seen in television) is not new.  Has anyone attempted to do this type of visualization?


      a) embedding a flash recording (or avi, wmv, etc.) that can be played by clicking on a "play button"? , and

      b) have a "live" bottom banner (similar to Bloomberg TV-style) that would feed text contextual to the qvw subject matter? and

      c) On the "Continuous Loop"  idea, let us say I have the performance of an instrument (a robotic arm bending 300 steel pieces per takt time -on average, depending on some external factors including human operator, just in time supply of pieces, etc.).  Since the work performed by the instrument continues in time, our thinking is to perform a scheduled retrieval (refresh the qvd extractor every so often) of the data and have a line graph depicting the variations across time, and a digital dial reporting the most current takt time available.


      All ideas are welcomed! Thank you in advance. --Ricardo Pous