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    How to Concise Duplicate Value



      I got a table with same TicketNumber value but inside contain different value for each TicketNumber such as Station and Amount as following :


      TicketNumber     Station     Amount    

      1                         E1               0

      1                         K4               3

      1                         A2               3

      2                         E2               0




      How can i going to concise TicketNumber into single record? as following


      Ticket Number     EnterStation     ExitStation     Amount

      1                              E1                    A2               3

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          sridhar sridhar



          You can do this using FirsValue() and LastValue() Function in QlikVeiw.


          Your Script should be some thing like below one.



          Load * inline [

          TicketNumber, Station, Amount   

          1, E1, 0

          1, K4, 3

          1, A2, 3

          2, E2, 0

          2, K5, 6

          2, A2, 6



          Inner Join


          Load TicketNumber,

          FirstValue(Station) as EntryStation,

          LastValue(Station) as Station,

          LastValue(Station) as ExitStation

          Resident Test Group By TicketNumber;


          Have a look at the attached application.


          Hope this helps you.