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    A couple of newbie questions

      Hi, I started using Qlikview about a week ago.  I am looking for the following information

      but have not been able to find it in either the reference manuals or from a google search.

      Wondering if anyone else has tried this and can provide some pointers.  Basically I have

      two questions....


      1. Does Qlikview's Java API provide access to data in the qvd files (or qvw files) - (with

      gettters maybe)?


      2. If the answer to the above question is no then is there a command line utility to dump/export the

      data in qvd file to a csv file?


      I am looking for a way to be able to compare data in the qvd file to data from a different

      source.  And since the it happens to be a large number of records it is not practical

      for me to launch Qlikview and export the files one at a time to csv.