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    Stuck when clicking on Script buttom


      During regular development, checking different data scenarios, I clicked on Script button and the screen and QlikView session freeze. Although I killed the QlikView session, and reopen it, any additional try using this user, it happen once more. So, right now I cannot continue perform any scrip editing through my user!

      Still, before getting stucked by Script button, after I killed the session, I can reopen any file and perform any other development activity.

      I tried to open the script through the root user and I could open the script, these make me thing that is somehow connected to my user!

      Please advice.



        • Stuck when clicking on Script buttom
          Johan Idh

          Perhaps you have managed to move the script window outside your screen, in that case right click your windows taskbar and select "Cascade Windows" or one of the tile options to bring it back.

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              thanks, for the prompt answer.

              I cascade form the windows corner and I can see my file window and the QlikView Start screen, no script file.

              Once more I could update my file, but once I touch the script button or "cntl E" the session freeze!


              by the end, I found the small "icon" you ment within the cascaded screens...


              thanks very much for the answer.