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    Look up creation (newbie posting, please be patient)

      Hi all,


      I'm relatively new to qlikview and am learning as I go. I have been given developer access to someone elses data and I'm trying out a few things per the example I am going to describe below.


      There are two fields of data loaded that I want to map to other fields that will be recognisable to users. Currently I have been doing this as a vlookup / manual exercise in excel once I have exported, but I expect there's a way to do this in Qlikview by importing and linking tables,


      In most instances the mapping is one to one but not always, and the required map for the first field is often dependant on the second field (e.g. field one will contain 'other' but the second field will provide info for it to be mapped otherwise).


      I have resolved the problem in excel but I don't know how to resolve it in qlikview.


      My excel solution is this:


      Suppose the data is in columns A and B and the mapped fields are in D and E (D corresponding to A)
      Column C contains the product of concatenating columns A and B
      Suppose cell F2 contains any value from column A and cell G2 contains any allowed value from collumn B (not every combination of column A and B exists)

      By creating a concatenate of F2 and G2 in H2, I can use a vlookup to return a value from D and E in subsequent cells


      Assuming this makes sense, can this be done? I've attached an example (excuse the duplication, this has had a month field removed that was no longer relevant that has created what now appears to be duplicate records).