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    Set Analysis help with Slider

    Philip Duplisey

      My data model contains a MonthYear field, and a coresponding rolling month counter field called Month#. I have a slider, and want to create a text box that informs the user what range of dates are included in their selection.


      I tried =minstring(subfield(GetFieldSelections(MonthYear, ',',24), ',')) but of course that returns the alphbetically first MonthYear, not the chromological minimum.


      So I thought something like this might work:


      only({<Month#={$(=min(Month#))}>}(subfield(GetFieldSelections(MonthYear, ',',24), ','))) for the min and

      only({<Month#={$(=max(Month#))}>}(subfield(GetFieldSelections(MonthYear, ',',24), ','))) might work for the maximum.



      but for some strange reason, they both return the same value, the min?


      can anyone help?


      Message was edited by: pduplessis Never mind. I simplified and went with MonthName(only({$<Month#={$(=min(Month#))}>}Date)) &' to '& MonthName(only({$<Month#={$(=max(Month#))}>}Date))  which works.