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      I have tried to change Ajax ZFC to IE plugin in Web Server settings.


      Suddenly Some of the tabs are dissapeared. Accesspoint,Ajax,Web etc are dissapeared from list. Now i can see Summary, general, Login tabs only.


      The error is like this:

      The Web server is currently not responding.

      If you are running Microsoft IIS, make sure to stop the QlikView Web Server service in the Computer Management Console.


      If you receive the Not Responding message when not running Microsoft IIS, and the QVWS service is running, it may be due to network error or firewall issues.


      I am working on QV 10.


      Can someone help me ?



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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          It seems you are running IIS and QVWS in the same computer using the same port. Although in the latest versions of Windows this should not be a problem (port sharing in Windows or so) if this is not properly configured this can conflict with your Server. When you installed it, did you set it to use the QVWS or IIS? If the latter, did you follow the steps in the Server Reference Manual to grant permissions, set up .NET and so? You can change the port, and make sure there is no proxy configured in your browser, so you can get to the console right.


          Hope that helps.


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