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    Bar Chart of "Starts" and "Finishes" by Year,Qtr

      Hi, I'm new to QlikView and I'm trying to build a bar chart that would show the number of clinical studies starting and finishing in each quarter of a selected year. The "start" is defined by a date field called "FSD" and the "finish" by a date field called "DBL". I also added some numeric fields based on these dates called Start Month, Start Year, Start Qtr, Finish Month, Finish Year and Finish Qtr. Ideally, I'd like to show the number of starts as a positive stacked bar (I'm using two dimensions called TA and Phase) and finishes as a "negative" bar (descending below a zero line).


      How do I go about doing this?

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          From what I understand: User would pick a quarter or Year and the chart should show # case processed in that period.


          For this create two variable to point the limits for FSD as DBL as vMinFSD = min(quarter_start_date) and vMaxDBl = max(quarter_end_date).


          In your bar chart add your dimensions and make an expression as count({<FSD={">=$(=vMinFSD)"},DBL={"<=$(=vMaxDBl )"}>} Distinct Cases).


          Hope this helps.