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    Issues With External Access - QV10 Server

      Greetings everyone!


      We have upgraded our server from version 8.5 to 10 nowadays, and have experienced some access issues.


      • Off-domain machines does not gain access to reports (even after proper credentials input), but only to Access Point;
      • Off-domain and on-domain machines, when accessing our network externally (through VPN) in a 3G Portable modem conection, suffer the same issue;


      It raises few more questions:


      • Is there a minimum connection speed requirement to  use QV10 Access Point? If there is, what is it?
      • If the packet response time is too high (above 300mls), can it render Access Point unreachable?


      We have salesmen that act out-of-office very often, and the lack of external access to QlikView is being a bump in the road for us.


      In advance, I appreciate your attention.


      Thank you guys!!!