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    Bookmarks containing a formula for period selections



      I have a field (date_YYYYMM) which is formatted as YYYYMM.

      My end users want to see the past 3 months standard selected when opening the document. I want to set this up via a bookmark (as they also want other standard selections on opening).

      Therefore I built this formula:

      >= date(addmonths(date#(max(date_YYYYMM),'YYYYMM'),-3),'YYYYMM') and < date(addmonths(date#(max(date_YYYYMM),'YYYYMM'),0),'YYYYMM').











      I have put this in a variable "testperiod"

      Now after using advanced search in a selection box,and referring to this variable, all periods have been selected. Which is of course not what I want.

      Can anybody help?

      many thanks,