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    Average of Rows in Gauge Chart

      I have gauge chart where I am calculating the closing rate of sales.  I also have a straight table where I calculating the same closing rate. 


      In the straight table I show the closing rate by the YearMonth dimension and my total mode is doing an 'Average of the Rows.' 


      In the gauge chart I have also selected the total mode to compute an 'Average of the Rows.'  My text in chart expression is calculating the closing rate but I can not get it to compute the same value as the Average of Rows function.  I need my straight table and gauge chart to reflect the same result.


      What do I need to do to my expression so it calculates the same as the Average of Rows function? Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Below is my expression...


      = num(count(distinct sales) / count(distinct presentations))*100,'#,###.##') & '%'