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    Workbench - qva.GetQvObject not working with specific ListBox

      Hi all


      I am using Workbench with qlikview 10.


      I have a webpage working, showing object from the qlikview document using code such as


      <qww:QvObject  ID="QvObject6" runat="server" ObjectType="ListBox"  ObjectID = "LBXX06"

                    QlikViewDocument="DocTest (Local)" Height="100px"

                  QvAjaxZfcPath="http://JAP/QvAjaxZfc/" />


      This works great. The object is shown. Therefore the qlikview document is working and workbench can access it.



      I want to filter the list box using Javascript. I have used code like this, which works for other list boxes in other documents


      <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

      var SectorListBox;


           Init = function() {


             SectorListBox= qva.GetQvObject("LBXX06", function () {







           function Preset() {

             var values = ["=[Sector] = 'Motor' "];







      The problem occurs at this line:

        SectorListBox= qva.GetQvObject("LBXX06", function () {




      I dont get the popup.


      If I change LBXX06 to a different listbox in a different document, it works fine, i get the alert popup.


      If i leave it as LBXX06 i get no popup


      I have checked that LBXX06 exists in the document.


      I have changed it to select a different object within the same document, and it works  update: no it doesnt sorry



      So the problem seems to be with that specific list box on that specific document update: the whole document is affected




      I cant find ANY documentation for issues such as this. Can you help??