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    qwv document - working on a pc, not in an other

    Marco Paoltroni

      Hi everibody,


      I have a serious problem. Since 2 days I'm trying to load data on document on a pc, but the strange thing is that on an other pc I CAN!


      Script is as follow:



      LOAD [codice azienda],

           [codice filiale],    

      [rag. soc. anagrafica],    

      [indirizzo anagrafico],    

      [giorni contratto 5]

      FROM PSAZF1.csv (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ';', msq);



      LOAD [codice azienda],    

      [codice filiale],    

      [matricola dipendente],    

      [cognome e nome]    

      FROM PSDIP1.csv (ansi, txt, delimiter is ';', embedded labels, msq);


      I'm using QV 9 SR6 on both computers.

      If I load only PSAZF1.csv or PSDIP1.csv everything is working well.. but if I load PSAZF1.csv andPSDIP1.csv the script fails only in a pc.


      In attachment files .csv and document info get from working and not working pc.



      Thanks in advance.