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    How abount Time object calculation... Calculation issues..

      Hello, i 've been working with this option about performance, and I realise that if you have more than 1 core, say.. 20, the time out is never working propperly, as the manual says... the time out depends on the core calculation time, not the real time... so.... lookin at the task manager i realize that if there is low performance on the cores, the time you put gets multiplied by the number of cores... but if the cores are fully working they get the same time object calculation limit as in real time... so this is a inacurated option. my question is:


      Should Qlikview calculate this process for us instead of making the person gets calculating this constantly? How can we get the option working propperly and acuratelly every time? (the difference goes from 1 or 2 seconds up to... 30 seconds... or so)




      Thanks & Regards