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    Finding the maximum per expression value



      I'm new to this forum so first of all Hello Everyone


      Is there a way to find a maximum per expression value? Let me give an example. I have two dimensions: ClientName and TradeDate (dd/mm/yyyy). I want to find the maximum date per month per client, so per ClientName and month(TradeDate). I cannot make any changes to the database, so I cannot just map TradeDates into e.g. TradeMonths.


      The outcome should look like that:


      Client  TradeDate    MaxDateInClient&Month


      ABC    10/01/2011  20/01/2011

      ABC    11/01/2011  20/01/2011

      ABC    20/01/2011  20/01/2011

      ABC    03/02/2011 25/02/2011

      ABC    04/02/2011  25/02/2011

      ABC    25/02/2011  25/02/2011


      Thanks in advance for any help,