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    Set analysis using a parameter - baffled !

    N G

      HI ,


      I have 2 sets of data I am trying to cross reference to get a sum..i.e.


      Data Set 1

      Branch Ref Range Name = 'A' branches and  'B' Branches etc.

      Branch Number Range Defintion = (4,5,6) and (1,3,8) etc.


      Data Set 2

      Branch Number = 1,2,3,4,5 etc.

      Min Stock Level (multiple item values per branch) =10, 25, 15, 4, 2 etc.


      I am trying to do a chart which has the Branch Ref Range Name & then the sum of the min stock levels based on this range i.e.


      Branch Ref Range Name    Sum Of Min Stock Levels


      'A' Branches              76

      'B' Branches               42





      I have tried Branch Ref Range Name as a dimension & then


      sum( {$<BRANCH Number={Branch Number Range Defintion}>} MIN_LEVEL ) as an expression but this just does not work



































































      Does anyone have any ideas please (I attached an example file)


      Any help greatly appreciated